With most solid wheel and tyre combinations weighing up to one thousand kilograms, common methods of wheel handling and fitting don't provide the level of safety required. In recognition of the hazards of heavy duty wheel handling, SOTO and Leussink Engineering have designed and manufactured the SOTO "SWIFTA" Wheel Fitting Unit.


The following video explains in brief the finer points of how the 'SWIFTA' can lead to a significant reduction of the risks involved in manual handling of heavy solid-filled tyres. The SWIFTA is shown in the underground coal mining environment but it has now also been adapted for the hard rock mining and the civil construction industries.

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This hydraulically controlled QDS mounted unit, enables a heavy solid filled tyre to be safely removed from or fitted to underground mobile equipment while its operator safely manipulates the independent controls from a standing position beside the unit.

Using the 'SWIFTA', the solid-filled wheel can be hydraulically lifted, rotated, side-shifted or adjusted to suit various vehicles and tyre and wheel sizes, resulting in operational and safety improvements over current wheel fitting methods.

The 'SWIFTA' has been designed in accordance with Australian Standards & Mine Design Guidelines and has a rated carrying capacity of 1000 kilograms.

Various tyre and wheel sizes (including damaged tyres) can be accommodated via hydraulic post adjustment. Suited to L3, L4 & L5 EDT radial tyres in sizes 12.00R20 to 17.50R25. Can be used on most types of Shuttle Cars and LHDs (Eimco, JOY, Caterpillar, Kopex, Atlas Copco Coaltram, Tamrock, Elphinstone).


  • Supplied in either standard of QDS or RAS systems
  • Permanently fixed mount version to LHD available
  • Hydraulic power is supplied via the LHD auxiliary power take-off circuit using typical quick release couplings
  • Hoses are supplied shielded in accordance with MDG41
  • Stainless Steel piping and manifolds are used extensively
  • Hydraulic controls are rated and approved for the underground mining environment
  • Hydraulic controls can be adjusted for speed and load control
  • Hydraulic load supply from the LHD is supplied at engine idle speed only and flow rates are less than 5L/min
  • The hydraulic isolation valve is provided at the operator station
  • Wheels can be rotated 360 degrees in either direction with infinite speed control.
  • Side-shifting up to 250mm either side of the centreline is available
  • Wheel slide advance or retreat up to 500mm
  • Wheels are picked up from the vertical standing ground position.


The following table sets out the basic specifications of the 'SWIFTA'. These are also available for download in PDF format.

  Download Specifications
Description Hydraulic Powered – QDS Type Wheel Handling & Fitting Unit
W.L.L. Working Load Limit - 1000 Kg
Tare Weight 1560 Kg
Wheel Size Diameter 1150mm to 1450mm - (Suit 12.0R20 to 17.5R25)
Tyre Type Low Profile minimal tread through to full size extra depth tread. Can be used with New or Heavily worn tyres
Location This type is Designed specifically for Underground Coal Mining. (Other types available for large hard rock mining industries).
Range of Motion
Wheel Rotation 360°
Raise / Lower 0 - 300 mm
Forward / Retract 0 – 600 mm
Side Shift ± 200 mm
Clamp Rollers 0 – 250 mm
Dimension H 1500 x W 1550 x D 2100
Operational Features
Hitch Type QDS and RAS plus Permanently Fixed Type Options
Power Assist Unit connects to PTO on any LHD. All range of motions through fluid power.
Control Station Hydraulic Control valve station can be supplied LH or RH to suit LHD driver location
Safety Lock Lock out valve provided on the hydraulic controls to isolate functions on the SWIFTA
1 Manual Handling is eliminated during wheel fitting
2 Risk of wheel falling on operator / fitter is eliminated
3 Operator is removed from the crush zone between the machines
4 Full articulation of the wheel fitting is achieved through fluid power
5 Safety Lock Out is provide for hydraulic functions
Major Significance
1 Minimizes risk of an accident during the changing and fitting of large and heavy wheels.
2 Secures and braces the heavy wheel during transportation and fitting of the wheel.
3 Wheel loads of 1000 Kg can be transported safely to point of use.
4 Elimination of manual handling during wheel fitting and will reduce risk of injuries to personnel.

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