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The SOTO Structural Engineering team comprises of specialist designers in steel, concrete and masonry construction with experience in commercial, mining and heavy industrial design. We have extensive experience in working collaboratively with site based operations and maintenance teams in the management and delivery of projects.

How We Can help

We will work closely with you to deliver innovative and cost-effective design solutions taking into account your challenges and constraints. We understand the importance of managing shut-down timeframes and commitments. Our team have extensive experience in working collaboratively with site based operations and maintenance teams, both in brownfield and operational environments, in the management and delivery of projects. This means we can provide you with engineering support from start to finish to ensure the best result for you.

Our Capability

The capability of the Structural Engineering team is enhanced through our integrated world-class Advanced Analysis team. We offer an integrated multi-disciplinary engineering and drafting service through state of the art computer aided design programs. This ensures we are able to supply you with an understanding of how all your project components will work together, allowing us to deliver structural efficiency whilst assisting you to identify the viability and sustainability of your structural designs.

Our goal is to meet your needs and provide innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions through ISO 9001 accredited project delivery systems. We aim to deliver solutions that are inventive, stable, durable, elegant and economic. We are passionate about safety in design and site safety.


We are able to assist you with:

  • the design of steel structures, concrete structures, timber structures and masonry structures
  • engineering of structural steel designed specifically for mechanical equipment
  • timely, optimised and cost effective solutions through collaboration with our Advanced Analysis team who have advanced computational analysis and simulation capabilities. We have engineering analysis capabilities in areas such as:
    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA); we provide structural or thermal assessment of mechanical components and structures including metal alloys, reinforced/pre/post tensioned concrete, refractory and FRP composite materials.
    • Fatigue analysis; we assess equipment failure that has resulted from fatigue due to static and dynamic stresses.
    • Dynamic analysis; we provide specialist engineering services to aid in the measurement and analysis of dynamic stress for evaluation of reliability and fatigue life.
  • Support in carrying out forensic investigation and reporting, site inspections, supervision and site constructibility. We are experienced in fixed plant repair and maintenance of issues.
  • Project Management; we can assist you with your engineering project from start to finish.

Our Work

Here are some of our more recent projects. If you would like more information on these or other projects we have worked on, please call us on +61 2 4298 8888 or fill in the enquiry form and we’ll contact you.