Discrete Event Simulation (DES)

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SOTO utilises DES for studying/evaluating systems or processes (manufacturing, mining, transport, etc.) to determine system performance and to identify avenues for optimisation. We can provide the following DES simulation capabilities:

  • Statistical simulation of systems/processes (including layout design, systems/process modeling, logistics planning & production rate/milestone prediction)
  • Utilisation rate determination (considering resources/machines, raw materials/finished goods, human interface & cycle times)
  • Optimisation via re-sequencing of process & consideration of what-if scenarios (production rate maximisation/cost minimisation).

SOTO utilises the following DES simulation software:

  • ExtendSim
  • DELMIA (Quest).

DES has been utilised by SOTO for the evaluation of pit-to-port studies, warehouse logistics optimisation and process improvement/optimisation studies.