Discrete Element Modeling (DEM)

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SOTO utilises DEM for bulk solid flow assessment problems incorporating solid particles. We provide the following DEM simulation capabilities:

  • Transient particle flow analysis considering particle-particle/particle-wall interaction, internal/wall friction & energy loss (coefficient of restitution)
  • Spherical and nonspherical particles (variable particle shape, density & size distribution)
  • Particle cohesion & arching (sticky particles)
  • Static, moving (translational/rotational) & vibrating boundaries
  • Particle breakage
  • Surface wear
  • Fluid-solid particle interaction for packed/fluidised bed particle flow modeling (via discrete particle CFD model or 1-way/2-way coupled CFD/DEM model).

SOTO utilises the following DEM simulation software:

  • ROCKY DEM (incorporating customised features developed specifically for SOTO).

We utilise next generation DEM software for the simulation/assessment of bulk solid particle flow in mining/minerals processing equipment (conveyors, transfer chutes, bins/hoppers, etc.), process vessels and other industries/applications which involve materials handling/particle flow. SOTO has extensive experience in the application of DEM to real world engineering problems, utilising DEM as a predictive tool for assessment/design modification of materials handling equipment.

SOTO also provides bulk solid material classification/testing & DEM model calibration services for accurate determination of particle flow properties and development of calibrated DEM simulation models.

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