Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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SOTO utilises CFD for fluid dynamics/heat transfer assessment of fluid flow problems incorporating liquids, gases and solid particles (i.e. packed/fluidised beds). We provide the following CFD simulation capabilities:

  • Laminar/turbulent steady state & transient flow
  • Incompressible/compressible flow
  • Heat transfer analysis (including buoyancy & solid conjugate heat transfer)
  • Stationery & rotating domains (incorporating fluid, solid & porous domain representations)
  • Multi-component/multi-phase fluid flow modeling (including liquid droplets/solid particles)
  • Chemical reactions & combustion
  • Fluid-structure interaction (1-way coupled FEA/CFD model)
  • Fluid-solid particle interaction for packed/fluidised bed particle flow modeling (via discrete particle CFD model or 1-way/2-way coupled CFD/DEM model).

SOTO utilises the following CFD simulation software:

  • ANSYS CFD (CFX/Fluent)
  • OpenFOAM.

We have in-depth experience in the application of CFD for assessing and solving real world engineering problems including (but not limited to) mine ventilation studies, impellers, gas flow distribution/balance problems and process simulation (packed/fluidised bed gas-solids flow/heat transfer, mineral reactions, phase change relationships, etc.).

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