The SOTO Civil & Structural Engineering team was engaged to undertake a structural analysis and Remnant Life Assessment of a 3000T coal storage bin and its support structure. The existing bin was an integral part of the mine coal clearance system and an extended service life of 20+ years was required to facilitate the projected operational requirements. The ongoing structural integrity of the bin and associated support structure was potentially compromised due to significant corrosion and dilapidation of members and connections.

3000T Surface Bin

The Project scope included:

  • inspection
  • analysis
  • non-destructive testing
  • recommendations relating to rectification work required to extend the service life of the structure.


  • Preparation of a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) and a Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA) for site work
  • Coordination and supervision of non-destructive testing
  • Finite element analysis and fatigue assessment of the bin and supporting steelwork
  • Preparation of a Remnant Life Assessment report including documentation of analysis and testing results; and recommendations for immediate, medium and long term structural rectification work to extend the service life of the structure.


  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting provided a benchmark for future work associated with the structure
  • Advanced structural analysis techniques including non-linear buckling analysis were utilised to determine deformations and stresses within the structure under design load conditions
  • Assessment considered ‘working’ conditions for stress and deflection review as well as limit state conditions for assessment of compliance with Australian Standards
  • Concise Remnant Life Assessment results and recommendations provided Appin Colliery with a straightforward “punch list” to ensure the ongoing integrity of the structure

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