The SOTO Mechanical Engineering team was engaged to design the C-hook for a Metal Coating Line. Ease of use and personnel safety were significant considerations for the design.

Initial Scope:

The design needed to enable the rapid removal and replacement of metal coating rolls in a busy production environment, minimising down time. Key design considerations outlined by the client were ease of use, prevention of roll damage, eliminating clashes with existing equipment, ease of maintenance, personnel safety and operation efficiency.


The C-hook was to be fixed to the roll shaft by hinged clamps carefully designed for ease of installation and to prevent roll damage. SOTO engineers performed the design and detail drawings in line with the design considerations. 3D modelling was performed to detect clashes with existing plant equipment, and to simulate the ease of use and maintenance. In order to ensure the design would perform to the highest structural standards under load, the SOTO team performed finite element analysis (FEA) of mechanical components, structures and footings.

Once completed the design was reviewed and verified in accordance with Australian standards, and SOTO developed the installation procedures.



The roll installation C-Hook was successfully deployed, meeting all the key design considerations. Production downtime was reduced significantly during roll removal and installation, while at the same time reducing roll damage. Safety was significantly increased through the improved ergonomics, and range of motion relative to other plant on the coating line.

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