The SOTO team were engaged to redesign the footings and superstructure of a Mill Substation Switchroom building in accordance with an alternative preferred design and conventional local best practice, to the current Australian Standards.

The Mill Substation Switchroom building, located within a Cement Grinding Plant, was designed initially by a foreign consultant. Prior to construction, several instances where the building design could be modified to realise construction cost and time efficiencies were identified.

Mill Substation Switchroom building, Cement Grinding Plant


  • Revision of existing construction documentation and identification of possible construction cost and time efficiencies
  • Coordination with proposed services and pre-fabricated switchroom modules.
  • Engineering design and documentation.


  • Footing configurations were changed to allow single pour construction.
  • Loadbearing masonry walls and Bondek slabs were removed from the design. Lightweight cladding and partitions were used in lieu of masonry to expedite the construction process
  • The building was redesigned as an off-form reinforced concrete moment-resisting frame structure
  • The new building design offered material, constructability and time savings. This resulted in significant cost savings.

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