SOTO was recently engaged by Holcim to undertake an assessment of Cement Australia’s Port Kembla Grinding Plant for modification and design verification in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards. The plant is designed to take imported clinker and grind it into cement product for the construction industry. The plant’s energy efficiency, and ability to reuse waste products, makes it one of the most environmentally friendly facilities of its type in the world. Expected to continue to service the industry for years to come, SOTO was called to secure the efficiency and longevity of one of the largest Vertical Rolling Mills (VRM) in the southern hemisphere.

Initial Scope:

Holcim sought the services of SOTO for its reputation of applying robust processes in the review of design and compliance details to guarantee facility compliance. The parameters of the project required execution of the meticulous assessment process to ensure the integrity of the facility. This involved applying the latest Australian Standards as a basis for evaluating current conditions and any potential issues.


In the interest of cost and energy efficiency, the plant and its equipment was built in Spain, before shipping to Australia in modular form. This required SOTO to employ their significant experience in design and industrial engineering to ensure the plant would meet the exacting requirements of the Australian Standards on arrival.

SOTO’s comprehensive plan involved leading the assessment of project specific design criteria documentation in the initial phases of the project, offering design guidance in relation to the intent and interpretation of Australian Standards, assessing pile, footing and structural steelwork design in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards, as well as preparing and delivering Document Assessment Reports and Compliance Certificates for all structures.

A full-scale review was called to ensure that the plant and its comprising equipment was fully compliant in meeting all engineering and work health and safety requirements before being made operational.


The concrete grinding facility was strategically evaluated by SOTO Consulting Engineers through the diligent rollout of a comprehensive verification process. Strict project schedule deadlines were met to satisfy fixed shipment dates from Spain to Australia while language and distance barriers were overcome to execute the project efficiently. The planning, assessment, redesign, and construction phases of the project were all a resounding success. Holcim’s engagement of SOTO’s expertise in this case proved invaluable in ensuring the operational compliance and efficiency of Cement Australia’s Port Kembla Grinding Plant.

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