The SOTO Bulk Materials Handling team were engaged to provide a complete engineering solution for an Iron Ore stacker, including a comprehensive redesign of the transfer. The new design was developed and validated with material flow analysis using calibrated DEM. A full package of fabrication drawings to required standards are being supplied.

Iron Ore Stacker


Several problems had been identified with the operation and maintenance of their existing transfer on the Secondary Iron Ore Stacker and it had reached the end of its life. The chute was handling all material blended via the secondary yard beds with a high percentage directly from the bulk berth department. The transfer handles 2300tph of constant flow and surges to 2600tph. The Ore frequently has a high moisture content of up to 11%, which resulted in frequent blockages of the existing transfer.

The scope included a comprehensive engineering solution incorporating:

  • Comprehensive redesign of the transfer.
  • Design validation including material flow analysis using calibrated DEM.
  • a full 3D model of the new transfer for review and collision checking.
  • a full package of fabrication drawings to required standards.


The replacement transfer will:

  • Increase the reliability of ore handling from the bulk berth department, reducing demurrage costs.
  • Allow the angle of the chute to be adjusted to suit the properties of the ore being conveyed due to the transfers unique rotating swing chute.
  • For wet and sticky ore the chute is set to a steep wall angle to promote rapid flow and reduce material build up.
  • When handling free flowing ore the chute is set to an angle that can match the velocity of the feed to that of the boom conveyor.

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