SOTO Structural Engineering Supports Bass Point Quarry Expansion

Posted on February 16, 2018 in Computer Aided Drafting, News, structural assessment & Structural Engineering

The Bass Point Quarry has been supplying high-quality basalt material to NSW markets for more than 80 years. Under operator Hanson Australia, the quarry produces around 1.5 million tonnes of construction aggregates, including crushed rock, sand, gravel, crusher dust, road base, and premixed concrete. A new $100 million expansion, nearing completion, will see production rise to four million tonnes annually.


As part of the project, the 650 tonnes per hour processing plant has undergone a major upgrade, including an automated truck load-out, precoat plant, and pug mill. Additional infrastructure upgrades involved a transport depot, weighbridge, workshop, office, laboratory and concrete plant. The project also included a new high voltage installation, demolition of the existing plant and infrastructure, and the second stage upgrade of the ship loader.


Contractor Brolton Group called in SOTO Engineers for the acknowledged expertise of our Computer Aided Engineering team. Our team’s integrated, multi-disciplinary engineering and drafting service through state-of-the-art computer-aided design programs delivered high-quality structural steel and plant layout drawings for the project. For both Brolton and Hanson Group, having SOTO on board meant access to a team that provided a thorough understanding of how project components would work together. This capability enabled us to deliver structural efficiency, while assisting the client in identifying the viability and sustainability of their structural designs. Ultimately, we provided the project with the engineering support need to ensure the best results.


At SOTO, we’re always proud to be involved with local industry, and this project in particular, which extends the useful life of a quarry which employs 70 + locals and provides ongoing benefits to the Illawarra economy, was especially fulfilling.