Movement of large equipment in an underground mine is one of the most significant hazards that miners are exposed to during each shift. SOTO has developed a Tow Hitch in consultation with mine operators to allow for the controlled and reliable transport of heavy equipment within a mine. This device provides superior features to other commercially available towing devices and is rated to 50T.


The following video explains in brief the finer points of the why, how and what the Tow Hitch is primarily designed to help with, although it can be adapted to tow many other underground equipment to a maximum of 50T.

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The Tow Hitch gives the mine operator confidence and control by providing a safely rated connection which allows maximum turning, tilt and deviation capabilities ensuring efficient transportation of shuttle cars and other heavy equipment in the underground environment.

The Tow Hitch is simple to use. The rotating tongue, together with the ability to compensate for variation in floor surfaces ensures stability of the vehicles at all times. The hitch has been rated and tested to shunt 50T loads.

The Tow Hitch results in improved control of heavy tow loads and ease of manoeuvring the shuttle cars and other long loads while shunting. This means it is possible to have one man operation when towing shuttle cars or other underground heavy vehicles or trailers.

The Tow Hitch results in minimal risk of an accident by an uncontrolled movement of the towed vehicle. It is also likely to result in the reduction of damage to machinery and infrastructure as well as reducing labour levels for this type of recovery application.


  • Supplied in either standard of QDS or RAS systems.
  • Permanently fixed mount version to LHD available.
  • Easily Interchangeable 50T tongue provided.
  • Supplied with SOTO 50T Tow Box adaptor upon request.
  • Other Tow Tongues can be designed to suite towing applications
  • Turnbuckles only used to stabilise hitch during attachment to equipment
  • Minimises risk of incidents
  • Maximum turning, tilt and elevation deviation capabilities
  • Maintains rigid connection between vehicles.


The following table sets out the basic specifications of the Tow Hitch. These are also available for download in PDF format.

  Download Specifications
Description Full Articulation - QDS Type Tow Hitch
Rated Towing capacity 50 Tonnes (Under LHD Max Tractive effort)
(MDG1/MDG15 compliant - includes Factor of 2.5)
Tare Weight 1200 Kg
Range of Motion
Vertical travel 520 mm
Horizontal articulation 180deg
Tongue rotation 360deg
Operational Features
Hitch Type QDS and RAS plus Permanently Fixed Type Options
Hydraulic Module Optional Module that allows for control of towed shuttle car vehicle braking and steering systems from the LHD (MDG41 compliant)
Tongue Adapters Easily changed for towing various manufacturers equipment. Optional 50T rated tow boxes can supplied and fixed to the shuttle car to match the 50T tongue design.
1 Maintains rigid connection and increases control of movement while towing heavy equipment underground.
2 Maximum articulation is provided through the pinned and rotational elements whilst retaining a solid link between the towing vehicle and load.
3 One person operation when shunting, towing or recovering.
Major Significance
1 Minimises risk of an accident by an uncontrolled movement of the towed vehicle.
2 Provides secure steering and braking functions during towing or recovery.
3 Loads of 50T can be safely towed or recovered with full articulation through the capabilities of the hitch design.
4 Elimination of chains and draw bars will reduce risk of injuries to personnel during towing and recovery.


The following companies are currently using the Tow Hitch in Australia:

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