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The mining industry is increasingly facing challenges. With so much resting on bottom line and productivity, the mining industry needs to find new and innovative ways of working. A focus on improved and new technology can help to minimize environmental impacts as well as improve health, safety and working conditions for personnel.

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SOTO Mining Technology has the know-how and experience to help you deliver innovative solutions to your mining challenges. Our emphasis on collaboration has seen the development of many patented technologies which improve workplace conditions.

Two such products, developed in conjunction with our industry partners are:

Tow Hitch

Movement of large equipment in an underground mine is one of the most significant hazards that miners are exposed to during each shift. In consultation with mine operators, SOTO Mining Technology has developed a Tow Hitch which allows the controlled and reliable transport of heavy equipment within a mine. The Safety Tow Hitch is a device which secures two vehicles together in a rigid interlocking configuration, significantly improving steering control in towing procedures. It tows any underground (or aboveground) equipment to a maximum of 50T and can be safely operated by one person.

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With most solid wheel and tyre combinations weighing up to one thousand kilograms, common methods of wheel handling and fitting don’t provide the level of safety required. In recognition of the hazards of heavy duty wheel handling we have, in partnership with Leussink Engineering, designed and manufactured the SOTO “SWIFTA” (Safe Wheel Installation and Fitting Transportation Apparatus). The SWIFTA makes manual handling of large solid-filled tyres significantly easier and safer by allowing the operator to stand beside the wheel and hydraulically lift, rotate, side-shift, advance/retract and adjust the wheel.

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