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The SOTO Statutory Auditing team offers you experience and expertise in completing customised on-site Statutory Audits. We audit mining and related industry equipment, assets and structures in line with Australian Work Health and Safety (WHS) Guidelines and other relevant Statutory Regulations.

To book your audit, give us a call on +61 2 4298 8888 or fill in our enquiry form.

How We Can Help

By combining our experience in Statutory Audits and analysis with the latest technology, we are able to assess your plant equipment or mine against Australian Standards and Regulations such as Clause 20(c) of the Coal Mines Health and Safety Regulations.

All audits come with completed documentation which identifies your problem areas and supplies you with potential procedures and solutions to bring them up to standard. Audits have been known to deliver:

  • improved safety
  • protection of assets through identification of problem areas
  • significant reduction in the time and expense related to traditional audits
  • compliance to Australian safety and environmental regulations

Our Capability

Soto Statutory Audits are conducted using -leading edge technology. Our experienced Engineers are able to complete Audits whilst delivering more effective results than ever before by saving you time, reducing down-time and increasing safety.

Capturing data in real time with SOTO I-Site

Through the use of our mobile app technology, we are able to capture data in real-time. This reduces the risk of errors in transferring data from site inspections to digital format and ensures the data is available almost immediately online for review and use.

Taking Audits to new heights with drone technology

By combining the latest drone technology with the latest digital photography and video recording technology, we are able to record high definition images in the most difficult to access and high danger areas. Our SOTO partner pilots are fully licensed and authorised by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for provision of their services.


We deliver customised on-site Statutory Audits. Our experienced engineers will work with you to identify the best tools and personnel for your situation prior to your Audit. Once on-site, we will undertake a visual inspection to locate and assess problem areas on your site, including infrastructure and equipment. This may include:

  • surface infrastructure, (operational and structural) and fixed infrastructure (underground and aboveground)
  • conveyors (surface and underground), storage and surge bins, winches, winders and haulage systems
  • mining equipment, tank farms, pipelines, stacks, bridges etc
Whilst onsite, the auditing team will capture:
  • high resolution video and stills or Thermal Imaging
  • data and images using real-time data storage applications, reducing data capture time and errors on completion of the audit.

The audit engineer will compile a full report in which all risks identified are prioritised and categorised with both photographic evidence and documentation. This includes the potential consequences of any identified risks as well as potential solutions to mitigate the risks (including details for repair where necessary).

SOTO are experts in Statutory Audits and Advanced Analysis, and together with UAV drone technology, can now provide you with safer, more cost effective processes and solutions to assist your business.

For more information on hazard identification, reporting, assessment and control please give us a call on +61 2 4298 8888 or fill in our enquiry form.