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Forensic Engineering can be defined as failure analysis and is often used for the compilation of data and facts that may be used in relation to legal matters and /or litigation. The goal is to positively identify the sequence of events that lead to ultimate failure or injury of personnel or the public.

How We Can Help

We have extensive experience in the analysis techniques required to help you investigate why materials, equipment or structures have failed. Through our integrated approach, we are able to deliver high quality detailed assessments and offer expert witness for litigation if needed.

Our Capability

Our Principal and Senior Consultants are skilled in all facets of complex investigations including the preparation of analytical reports for use by legal counsel and presiding magistrates. This means that SOTO can provide technically competent and qualified experts who have both the practical experience and the academic qualifications to provide you with independent expert opinions. Our team has experience in supplying legally admissible reports and testimonial evidence for use in a court of law.


SOTO can offer the following services to Legal and Professional clients:

  • Forensic engineering analysis focussing on accident causation analysis and identification of system failures
  • A fully referenced technical forensic report, including analysis, simulation, diagrams images and other supporting materials
  • Litigation support including continued technical support, formulating answers to interrogatories and assistance in the lead-up to a hearing
  • Engineering expert witness testimony for court appearances including work cover cases.

Our Work

We have extensive experience in the investigation of numerous incidents and accidents that have resulted in the loss of life, permanent injury or catastrophic failure of plant, equipment and structures. Recent work in this area includes:

  • WorkCover Investigation into an industrial accident resulting in the loss of life on a construction site associated with mobile equipment / excavator.
  • Mine Inspectorate Investigation into the failure of critical equipment that exposed mining personnel to extreme risk and injury.
  • Expert witness in a Warranty Claim by a construction company from early failure of equipment in service.
  • WorkCover Investigation into an incident involving catastrophic failure of a crane on a construction site exposing the general public to extreme hazards.
  • Mine Inspectorate investigation into the catastrophic failure of a large mine storage bin.
  • Expert witness and investigation into the collapse of grain silo(s).
  • Expert witness and investigation relating to seriously injured plant personnel in the mine services industry.
  • Expert witness and investigation into premature failure of thermal ceramics in a process reactor vessel.
  • Mine Inspectorate investigation into critical injuries sustained by a plant operator working on conveyor equipment.
  • Investigations into the collapse of a structural retaining wall(s).