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Software Distribution, Technical Support & Training

SOTO provides a comprehensive range of engineering software focused technical support and training solutions that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements such as:

  • Simulation software technical support (application specific technical advice/troubleshooting)
  • Project based technical support (project specific technical advice/modeling assistance)
  • Third party validation/verification of simulation models (model checking/quality assurance)
  • Customised training courses (beginner-advanced level) for FEA, CFD, DEM, DES and/or general numerical simulation software/methods combining theory, modeling techniques & practical application examples (one-on-one or group training, delivered on-site, online or at SOTO premises)
  • CAD model geometry adaptation, healing & de-featuring (preparation for mesh generation)
  • Hardware configuration & simulation software settings (performance optimisation/tuning).

We have an experienced computational analysis team with extensive theoretical background and practical expertise in the development, sales/distribution, technical support/training and application of engineering software.

Contact us on +61 2 4298 8888 or fill in our enquiry form for more information regarding our software distribution, technical support and training capabilities.

Software Development & Customisation

SOTO can develop customised engineering software tools as standalone applications from a range of programming languages (i.e. C++, FORTRAN, Visual Basic, Pascal/Delphi), or as embedded code/script within existing engineering software tools (i.e. Excel VBA, Matlab). Additionally, SOTO can interface/link with existing commercial simulation software using API (application programming interface), UDF (user-defined function) or OLE (object linking & embedding) derived features, allowing customised tools/modules to be developed to extend the capabilities of existing commercial software, or to include commercial software features/capabilities in customised engineering software.

We can develop customised engineering software applications to suit your specific requirements such as:

  • Engineering design calculation/optimisation tools (i.e. mechanical linkages, fluid power, transient fluid-solids heat transfer)
  • Client portal/web based engineering simulation tools
  • FEA, CFD and/or DEM simulation tools/modules (i.e. material/component database linkage, model/result file translators, 1-way/2-way model coupling, specialised modeling/calculation/ optimisation & results visualisation tools).

SOTO can also assist in the development and implementation of quality assurance/model checking procedures and documentation (essential for quality management systems).

Contact us on +61 2 4298 8888 or fill in our enquiry form for more information regarding our software development and customisation capabilities.