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The SOTO team have an excellent record of delivering successful Bulk Materials Handling Solutions. Our experienced Engineers understand the importance of Bulk Material flow and handling.

How We Can Help

Successful Bulk Materials Handling processes and designs depend on an integrated, multidisciplinary approach between design, analysis and testing. Our team have the ability to combine these to deliver reliable results for your project.

Our team can help you with:

  • challenging bulk solids
  • your need for unique equipment design
  • issues with flow, separation, productivity or equipment breakdown.

Our Offering

Our expert and highly skilled multidisciplinary team have extensive experience in the analysis and design of bins, feeders, hoppers, transfer chutes and conveyors. We are able to offer you a complete end-to-end design and analysis service for both above and belowground Bulk Materials projects.


The SOTO team have experience in the analysis and design of:

Transfer chutes

  • Hood and spoon transfers
  • Dewatering transfers
  • Passive low dust emission designs
  • Bifurcated chute designs.


  • Specification of drives, brakes, holdbacks etc.
  • Design of tripper drive frames
  • Design of head drive frames
  • Design of travelling tripper
  • Gravity take ups
  • Drift conveyor modular structure
  • Feeder and conveyor design
  • Transfer tower
  • Conveyor and gantry design.